The electric piezocone (CPTu) is the premier soil logging and site characterization tool.  CPTu provides a rapid, reliable, repeatable and economic means of determining soil stratigraphy, relative density, strength and equilibrium groundwater pressures.

CPT Inc. offers a choice of cones with varying tip (qc) capacities, friction sleeves (fs) and pore pressure transducers (u). Pore pressure can be measured at one of 2 locations, either on the face (U1) of the cone tip or behind the cone tip (U2). Pore pressure dissipation data is recorded automatically during pauses in penetration.

All CPT Inc. piezocones contain on-board seismic wave measurement equipment meaning any hole can become a seismic hole. These are not specialty cones – they are the standard.

CPT Inc. offers a range of cone sizes and capacities, and will come prepared for each project with the right cones for the job. At least 2 cones will be available on each rig at all times.

Cone sizes range from 2cm2 up to 40 cm2. The 10 cm2 and 15 cm2 cones are ASTM D5778 standard, and most widely used. Other sizes are for specialty applications.

Cone tip capacities range from 4 MPa (~40 tsf) up to 150 MPa (~1500 tsf), cone sleeve capacities from 0.2 MPa (~2 tsf) up to 1.5 MPa (~15 tsf), and pore pressure ranges from 100psi up to 1000psi. Pore pressure measurements are offered in either the U1 or the U2 position.

Each cone is NIST calibrated and maintained to rigorous standards, meeting or exceeding ASTM D-5778 calibration and sensitivity requirements.  CPT Inc.’s proprietary data acquisition system allows real-time monitoring of all SCPTu parameters during SCPTu advancement, including soil behavior type, enhancing field qa/qc and facilitating the on-site decision making process. By using CPT Inc. CPTu system, one is assured the highest standard of quality, accuracy, reliability, repeatability and productivity.