The safety of everyone, all the time, is our utmost concern at CPT Inc! From our numerous training classes in loss prevention we have learned that cutting corners in an attempt to increase production or reduce costs can results in cost overruns due to safety mishaps. We are exceedingly proud of our perfect safety record, having ZERO missed days due to injury since inception in 2006. Additionally, CPT Inc. has a reporting system in place for hazard identification and near misses in order to elucidate areas for training, retraining, and/or engineering controls to maintain a safe work environment.

At all jobs sites employees and the client are required to wear the following minimum PPE. Hard hat, eye protection, steel or composite toed boots, reflective vest, and ear plugs when operating the GH62 hammer. CPT Inc. also maintains a medical monitoring program for environmental sites that require the use of APR’s (air purifying respirator).

Every day begins with a vehicle and equipment safety check before we even leave our yard.  Upon arrival at the project site, a tailgate safety meeting will occur where all jobs tasks are reviewed using a task and project specific FLRA (field level risk assessment).  A mid-day break for FLRA review is mandatory.  EVERYONE has STOP WORK authority, ALWAYS!

If necessary, we can provide the client and site visitors with loaner hardhats & reflective safety vests, and complementary ear plugs and safety glasses.  Vehicles and push platforms are equipped with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and emergency eye wash stations.

CPT Inc. is a Gold Shovel Standard certified excavator, and has an “A” safety rating with ISNetworld.

CPT Inc. employees have completed the following safety-related training courses:

  • FEMA, ICS-100 Incident Command System
  • OSHA, 40-hour HAZWOPER and annual 8-hour refreshers
  • Chevron, Refinery Process Control
  • Caltrain, Roadway Worker Protection
  • Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority, safety training
  • Pacific Gas & Electric, energized substation training
  • Defensive Driving
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Loss Prevention Systems

CPT Inc. is a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol free workplace.  All drivers are enrolled in a random DOT drug and alcohol testing program.